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Mic check 1,2,1,2. Not the words you expect to bust out of Orange County, California but that is where I found my funk. I am the daughter of Guyanese immigrants (a scientist/inventor and nurse/professor), and I grew up in an all-white suburb. I was one of the only black kids in my school, church, and neighborhood. I remember our next-door neighbor moved out because they did not want their daughter to play with me and my sister. My parents, being Caribbean, had no context for this type of racism, so I was left to decipher it. The result? Often feeling outcasted by whites and the few blacks – like I never had a home. This divide sparked my passion to write stories that gave diverse women a voice and promoted multicultural unity.

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Deborah Jane lives in Los Angeles and has big dreams about becoming a player in the entertainment business. She has been working to reach her goal for a long time and has become frustrated and tired. We met at ONE Church, Los Angeles and we talked about how she can get through the tough times and keep her eyes on the prize. Get ready to see Deborah Jane's name in lights!.  READ MORE » (source Bishops Village)

Deborah Jane Hits Society’s Core With Strange Fruit: The Hip Hopera

It’s evident that Deborah Jane’s first play, The Hip Hopera which played to a sold out crowd while she was a junior at Stanford University led her to a life changing calling.  While attending USC School of Cinematic Arts, she began turning The Hip Hopera into a screen play now called Strange Fruit: The Hip Hopera...

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Deborah Jane

T.D. Jakes Bishop's Village - Entrepreneurial Dreams

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