Join us Bi-Monthly on Mondays for THE DIARY OF STRANGE FRUIT to catch all the behind-the-scenes action of making Strange Fruit: The Hip-Hopera! Our first adventure is securing R&B/Hip-Hop/Soul Legend Lauryn Hill to STAR in the ICONIC role of INKA, a rebel slave woman who was wrongly lynched!

Ep. 1 Diary of Strange Fruit:

Writing a Letter to Lauryn Jail!


We are on a mission to get LAURYN HILL to star in our movie Strange Fruit: The Hip-Hopera. So, the team sends her a letter... in jail. But she gets hundreds, will she read ours?



Ep. 2 Diary of Strange Fruit:

The Gift & The Curse (Call!)


As Deborah Jane scrambles to create the perfect gift to send Lauryn Hill in jail, Nabila attempts to get past the prison guards by calling the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury. Jamie sneak-sends Strange Fruit to Spike Lee's company. But will any of our efforts reach?

...and no, Deborah Jane is not a slave driver!


Ep. 3 Diary of Strange Fruit:

It Was All A Dream!


As Biggie says, Strange Fruit was all a DREAM when it premiered as an award-winning play at Stanford University. Now, the ladies share their dreams, nightmares, prophecies, and hopes of taking this daring hip-hopera from the stage to the page to the big screen!


Ep. 4 Diary of Strange Fruit:

Started From the Bottom...Now We Here?


Struggle!! In the midst of the movie making madness, Deborah has to take on a job and move, Nabila juggles multiple projects and couch-surfs, and Jamie tries not to lose her frickin' mind. We all just WAITING TO EXHALE!


Ep. 5 Diary of Strange Fruit: 

Are We Ready For HOLLYWOOD?


The ladies arrive at Xen Lounge looking fresh to death and ready to impress for the red-carpet. They celebrate female hip-hop artist Jenn-Jenn's banging new release - as well as meeting each other in person for the first time. EPIC. Started from the bottom now we here. But is the Strange Fruit Team ready for the big time?


Ep. 6 Diary of Strange Fruit: 

Making The Music & Overcoming Fear!! 


Welcome new Strange Fruit family! Between pitching Strange Fruit to studio executives, scrambling to finish the script, and gaining a phenomenal new woman to the team, Latoya "Blaze" Edwards, the team's on its toes! Grandma Ruby and Reverand Lamb encourage the team. Nabila and Deborah Jane sing a new song for the musical, "M +I", while Deborah struggles to overcome her fear of failure.